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Red Flora and Vanity in the Ladies' Collections

Posted by [email protected] on May 13, 2015 at 2:55 PM



Mimi fans of fresh ones will disappoint the nuances and fun colors. Although spring is so upbeat and interesting squirting from the diverse opportunities it can present and in gloomy tones. There are plenty of vivid and bright suggestions in the fashion collections, which diversify even in dark colours. For the fresh colors remain irreplaceable and manifold. Here's what fans of the color palette to share:


My love affair with prints is the one that comes and goes, but a red flower on the Blazer of the Oasis instant can excite everyone. Such a proposal could leave a lasting impression and reminded of the painting and watercolor, a true master artist. So charming and in fashion each of you can start the new season. With the dress, Blazer, or tuning you can put the launch of the new time. Even this is highly unpredictable and fortunately the Sun pops up for a few minutes, the fresh colours and many light can you load with much warmth and positive emotions. Don't forget about your cool Blazer.


With spring jacket may have much more than the top. May is a great mix between elegance, negligence and functionality. When you know that for most of the day, it should have thought for feet. Typically refuses for a chic pair of comfortable loafers, but always trying to make a good impression with a new jacket, a jacket or a pareo.


Among the most popular tones are again:


Sangariâ – this is the color of traditional Spanish drink that conquered the closet now. The inebriating red reminiscent of seas and distant destinations, so that it can always be put on if you go on the road.


Scarlet red – or the colour of the rising sun and the sunset. This color in girls ' clothing absorbs all shades of yellow, Orange and Scarlet. It can be gentle and quite challenging.


Cypress – this is the color of the everlasting green plant. It has all the depth, calmness and intensity. It is the color of the strong and everyone who has such selects top, skirt or shirt at him.


Lavender – unlike spring expectations this lûlâkov shade approach not only the flowers but also the heavens. The tone is gentle, magnetic and suitable for formal strict clothing.


Wild Orchid – the gentle shade fits ShowOff, pink and violet in one. This makes it an ideal match for routines with a white shirt and is suitable for Office wear.


The Magic of Spring Collections

Posted by [email protected] on May 13, 2015 at 2:55 PM



With very fresh and a new hair color every lady can dive in the midst of the new season. What he needs are a small amount of money and more inspiration as well as look at beautiful things.


All I can think about is, when and how to wear in the morning in the spring time, back to the dark, cloudy and cold until a few months ago. Completely forget about the all-black look, and the lips cover with Strawberry fruit nuances.


Wearing a black wrap skirt and laser cut suede for a jacket, high heels and a mini bag might be the ideal combination for this season. In addition, don't overlook the power of jewelry and accessories. A silver watch, necklace would be perfect for spring skyline completed-summer vision.


When it comes to your wardrobe Essentials is a good classic like black pencil skirt style. Form, cut and style to blend in with the corporate image and such style in the closet. For a more playful outfits can add laser cut baby tee and even with a slightly zagolen rim.


With the warming weather and during the first warm days everyone prefers to be outdoors. The pumpkin should not, however, deflects us from thinking about the surprises of spring time. These require no matter how warm to wear with her top. A lightweight Blazer or top can do a perfect job.


Interesting spring can adopt suggestions from many places besides the catwalk. Spring is so colorful and diverse, that predisposes to more creativity and innovative ideas. The best in fashion this season is that the colors of the unfolding scenery can be completely worthy to participate and our spring-summer collection of clothes.