Tennessee Hedgehogs & Rescue

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Spring  Babies

Due March


Where to start-

1. Read Policy Page also has price on page.

2. Fill out Application Page

2. Read Care of a Hedgehog 

3. Wait for Approval email

4. Submit Deposit within 24 hrs of Approval  

5. Get all supplies ready before pickup of your baby. 

Tennessee  Hedgehogs and Rescue

Huge Thank you for those who have donated , we where able to get the bowls and water bottles for the rescues

We are in need of Four Giant wheels for Rescues
if you are willing to donate please do so on the side bar button 
We do Appreciate it. 

                                                   African Pygmy Hedgehogs


I am a Low Scale Breeder(less then 5 Females) in Hartsville,TN. I, like most good breeders, breed pet hedgehogs for temperament and health, first and foremost.  I also provide a family environment for our hedgehogs where they are handled by my children and I on a daily basis. I start handling babies at an early age to help ensure a happy pet!

I am proud to provide continued support after the purchase of my hedgehogs.  It is important to me that my hedgehogs go to a good home, so I provide guidance to my customers after the sale.  Some of the things I help my customers with are creating the right living conditions, feeding your hedgehog and most anything else that comes up. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email me.


I allow visitation with the babies by appointment only. 


The Tennessee Hedgehog Rescue takes in surrendered hedgehogs from private owners, breeders and animal shelters that are in need of homes for a variety of reasons including:

- Behavior Issues

- Health Issues

- Owners lifestyle change/moving/college etc

- Abuse/Neglect

- Retired Breeders

Our goal is to address any underlying issue the hedgehog may have (behavior, health, etc) .  If for whatever reason, the hedgehog can not be placed, they have a home here and can live out their days in our care.

If you need to surrender a hedgehog,please email me at tennhedgehog@gmail.com 

Hedgehog 101



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